When it comes to personal protective clothing, high-visibility (hi-vis) workwear plays a significant role in employee safety. Hi-vis uniforms ensure that employees are easily visible in low-light or high-traffic environments, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. In this blog post, we will explore the key features to look for in hi-vis uniforms that provide optimal safety for your employees.


Why Hi-Vis Are Important

Employees working in hazardous environments need to be visible to avoid accidents. Hi-vis uniforms provide the necessary brightness and reflectivity to ensure that employees are visible, even in low-light or high-traffic areas. This level of visibility is especially crucial in industries such as construction, roadwork, and transportation. Hi-vis uniforms give peace of mind to employees and employers, knowing that workplace safety is a top priority.

Key Features of Hi-Vis Uniforms

Reflective Material

Reflective material is a key component of hi-vis uniforms. It reflects light back to its source, making employees visible even in dimly lit or dark environments. Reflective strips should be placed on the upper and lower body for maximum visibility. The reflective material should also meet the necessary standards for visibility, such as EN 471 or ANSI/ISEA.

Colour Contrast

The colour of the uniform should contrast with its surroundings to provide optimal visibility. Fluorescent colours such as yellow, orange, or green are commonly used for hi-vis uniforms. 

These colours stand out in the environment, making employees easier to spot, even at a distance. Additionally, uniforms should be free of intricate patterns or dark colours that may reduce visibility.

Fabric Weight

The fabric weight of hi-vis uniforms varies depending on the weather conditions and industry in which they’re used. For example, when working outdoors during cold weather, you may want to choose thicker materials such as 100% polyester or cotton ripstop fabrics with insulation properties.

Comfort Features

Employees may need more than just comfort and durability in their workwear. Some work environments require certain safety features, such as reflective strips or flame retardants that are built into the fabric itself.

Breathability and Comfort

Workplaces that require hi-vis uniforms often involve physically demanding tasks, making comfort and breathability essential. Employees should remain comfortable in their workwear to prevent overheating or restricted movement. Hi-vis uniforms made from breathable fabrics, with ventilation options, can help keep employees cool and comfortable, even in hot conditions.

Durability and Longevity

Workwear that is constantly subjected to wear and tear should be durable and long-lasting. Hi-vis uniforms made from sturdy materials, such as polyester, ensure that they can withstand the rigours of the job. Reputable manufacturers use materials that remain vibrant even after repeated washings, ensuring longevity and continued visibility.

Customisation Options

Customising hi-vis uniforms with a company logo or employee name adds a professional touch while ensuring brand recognition. Customisation also boosts employee morale and spirit, resulting in a visible and cohesive team. When customising hi-vis uniforms, it's essential to choose a reputable provider that offers high-quality printing or embroidery to avoid premature fading.


1. What makes hi-vis uniforms different from regular workwear?

Hi-vis uniforms are specially designed to provide high visibility in low-light or high-traffic environments. They incorporate reflective materials and bright colours that make employees easily visible, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing safety on the job.

2. Are there specific standards that hi-vis uniforms should meet?

Yes, hi-vis uniforms should meet specific visibility standards, such as EN 471 or ANSI/ISEA. These standards ensure that the reflective materials and colours used in the uniform meet the required visibility guidelines for optimal safety.

3. What should I look for in the reflective material of hi-vis uniforms?

The reflective material should be of high quality to ensure maximum visibility. Look for uniforms with reflective strips that are placed on the upper and lower body. Also, ensure that the reflective material can withstand repeated washings without losing its brightness or reflectivity.

4. Can hi-vis uniforms be comfortable to wear?

Yes, comfort is an essential factor when choosing hi-vis uniforms. Look for breathable fabrics that allow proper airflow to keep employees cool during physically demanding tasks. Additionally, consider uniforms with ventilation options and a design that allows for ease of movement.

5. Can I customise hi-vis uniforms with my company logo?

Absolutely! Customisation adds a professional touch to hi-vis uniforms while maintaining brand recognition. Look for a reputable provider that offers high-quality printing or embroidery services to ensure that the customisation withstands regular wear and washing without fading.

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Hi-vis uniforms are essential for employee safety in hazardous environments. Reflective material, colour contrast, breathability, durability, and customisation options are all vital features to look for in hi-vis uniforms. 

By investing in quality hi-vis workwear, you are prioritising workplace safety while portraying a professional image for your company.