Meet The Team


Charles Liu - Owner

With a vision to revolutionise the uniform industry, Charles laid the foundation stone for Cubic Uniforms. Drawing from his rich business acumen and an innate attention to detail, Charles has been steering Cubic Uniforms to new heights. Outside of work, he is an avid golfer and enjoys weekend getaways with his family.


Wendy Li - General Manager

At the helm of operations, Wendy is the driving force behind our day-to-day activities. She combines her natural leadership qualities with her experience in retail and management to ensure smooth sailing at Cubic Uniforms. When she's not at her desk, Wendy indulges in golf and loves watching sports.


Jasmine Liu - Financial Controller

Jasmine's astute financial acumen keeps Cubic Uniforms on solid ground. With a strong background in auditing and compliance, she ensures our financial strategies are robust and forward-thinking. Outside the office, Jasmine enjoys dancing and gymnastics.


David de Mulder - Senior Account Manager

A seasoned professional, David is known for his solution-driven approach. His expertise in managing key accounts ensures our clients always receive the best. David enjoys coffee and can't live without chocolates.


Oliver Bethell - External Consultant

Oliver brings a fresh perspective to our strategies with his vast experience in the import/export industry. His input is instrumental in keeping Cubic Uniforms innovative and market-leading. In his downtime, Oliver loves watching racing as he is a big fan of Formula 1.


Nicole Hack - Senior Account Manager

Nicole's interpersonal skills and dedication to her clients make her an invaluable member of the team. She has an innate ability to understand client needs and provide tailored solutions. Nicole loves ballroom dancing and is a certified animal lover.


Regina Mangubat - Senior Account Manager

Detail-oriented and client-focused, Regina has a track record of building lasting relationships. With a strong grasp of the uniform industry, she guides her clients through every step, ensuring complete satisfaction. Regina loves the beach and diamond painting is her hobby.


Blake Tucker - Senior Account Manager

Charismatic and highly motivated, Blake has an unrivaled passion for ensuring clients achieve their vision. His proactive approach and commitment have made him a favorite among our clientele. Off-duty, Blake is a travel freak, enjoys listening to music, and loves all types of sports.

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