Jorvik Mens 2 Button Classic Jacket

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A comfortable and well-structured jacket can truly complete any outfit. Whether you're going for a casual or formal look, this jacket is a versatile piece that will effortlessly elevate your style. It is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that you both look and feel your best.


  • Underarm comfort pads for enhanced comfort and ease of movement
  • Lining with silver piping trim for a touch of elegance
  • Embroidered zipper for added style
  • Double vents at the rear for breathability and freedom of movement
  • Fully functional outer pockets to conveniently store your essentials

Made from a premium wool blend suiting, this jacket is designed to provide the perfect balance between style and functionality. The blend consists of 55% polyester, 43% wool, and 2% elastane, offering a combination of durability, comfort, and flexibility.

The polyester fabric ensures long-lasting durability, making this jacket ideal for both day-to-day wear and special occasions. The wool adds a luxurious feel and a touch of warmth, making it suitable for various weather conditions. The elastane content provides added stretch and comfort, allowing for easy movement and a comfortable fit.

Beneficial for Various Individuals

  • Working professionals looking for a versatile and stylish jacket for both the office and after-work events
  • Fashion-conscious individuals who want to effortlessly enhance their outfit with a well-crafted piece
  • Individuals who prioritize comfort and flexibility without compromising on style
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who need a durable and functional jacket for various activities

Exclusively catering to our Australian clientele, we're committed to ensuring your uniform needs are met efficiently and swiftly.

Expect your orders to be with you in a standard timeframe of just 2 weeks. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we're dedicated to offering you a seamless service experience.

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Jorvik Mens 2 Button Classic Jacket