KingGee Workcool 2 Hi-Vis Reflective Closed Front Shirts

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The KingGee Workcool 2 Hi-Vis Reflective Closed Front Shirts are thoughtfully designed with a focus on both comfort and safety. Constructed from lightweight and breathable fabric, these shirts ensure you stay comfortable throughout your workday. They feature two secure chest pockets with a dedicated pen partition, allowing you to conveniently store your tools and writing instruments.


The addition of underarm, upper back, and side cooling vents provides excellent ventilation, keeping you cool in warmer conditions. For enhanced visibility, these shirts are equipped with 50mm Reflectec Tape in a hoop pattern. Moreover, the 3-piece collar with extensions offers added sun protection, making these shirts suitable for outdoor work in sunny weather.


Exclusively catering to our Australian clientele, we're committed to ensuring your uniform needs are met efficiently and swiftly.

Expect your orders to be with you in a standard timeframe of just 2 weeks. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we're dedicated to offering you a seamless service experience.

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