Mens Bio Motion Hi Vis Taped Pant

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This garment is made from high-quality 100% cotton drill fabric, weighing 240 gsm. It features various functional and convenient elements that make it an ideal choice for individuals working in industries such as construction, road maintenance, or any field that requires enhanced visibility and practicality. 

The Hi-Vis fabric on the lower portion of this garment significantly improves visibility during daylight conditions, keeping you safe and highly noticeable. The addition of Bio Motion tape configuration enhances the recognition of the human shape, making it easier for others to identify you from a distance.

Designed with practicality in mind, this garment includes a side loop holder specifically designed to securely hold a traffic control wand, allowing for easy access and efficient traffic management. The large cargo pocket provides ample storage space for tools, equipment, or personal belongings.

For added convenience, this garment also features a dedicated mobile phone pocket, ensuring that your device remains easily accessible and secure throughout the day. The two side hip pockets and two back hip pockets offer additional storage options for small essentials or personal items.

To help you stay organized and efficient at work, this garment includes two pen partitions, allowing you to conveniently carry and access multiple pens or writing instruments.

Beneficial for:
  • Construction workers
  • Road maintenance crews
  • Traffic controllers
  • Warehouse personnel
  • Outdoor event staff

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Mens Bio Motion Hi Vis Taped Pant
Mens Bio Motion Hi Vis Taped Pant
Mens Bio Motion Hi Vis Taped Pant