Mens Orange Flame Lightweight Ripstop Spliced Shirt - Hoop Taped

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The Lenzing Viscose FR, Meta-aramid, Polyamide, Para-aramid, Antistatic Ripstop fabric used in this garment is ultra lightweight at 165 gsm. It is designed for both personal protective equipment (PPE) and is rated for hazard risk category (HRC) 2. This fabric offers unmatched comfort and coolness, while providing a high level of 10.3 cal protection.

With its ripstop fabric construction, this garment is durable and built to last. It meets and exceeds all recent NENS, ISO, and NFPA Design Guidelines, ensuring that it meets the highest industry standards for safety.

The fabric is also antistatic, reducing the risk of static electricity and adding an extra level of protection. Additionally, it has a soft feel and excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping the wearer comfortable throughout the day.

All reflective tape, buttons, and threads used in this garment are FR rated, providing added safety and protection. The concealed FR center placket offers extra protection, while the two chest pockets with FR button closures provide convenient storage options.

This garment is designed with functionality in mind, featuring two-way radio and gas loops on the shoulder yoke. It also includes a label that clearly shows the FR rating of the garment, ensuring that users can easily identify its level of protection.

Beneficial for:
  • Workers in industries that require personal protective equipment
  • Individuals working in environments with a hazard risk category of 2
  • Those who prioritize comfort and coolness in their workwear
  • People in need of durable and long-lasting workwear
  • Professionals who value safety and adherence to industry guidelines

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Mens Orange Flame Lightweight Ripstop Spliced Shirt - Hoop Taped
Mens Orange Flame Lightweight Ripstop Spliced Shirt - Hoop Taped