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The Monaco Women's S/S Shirt is crafted with a cotton-rich fabric blend, consisting of 68% Cotton, 28% Polyester, and 4% Elastane. This unique combination offers optimal comfort and flexibility, thanks to its built-in stretch feature. Additionally, this shirt boasts a Very Good UPF rating, providing excellent protection against harmful UV rays.

This shirt is designed with a French-style Y-neckline, which adds a touch of elegance to its overall aesthetic. The turn-back cuff design and twin back pleats further enhance its sophisticated look. With waist and bust darts, this shirt ensures a tailored and flattering fit. Its longer length, combined with a curved hem, allows for versatile styling - it can be worn either tucked in or out.

Who would benefit from this product?

  • Working professionals who value both style and comfort in their attire.
  • Women seeking a shirt that provides a flattering fit, accentuating their silhouette.
  • Individuals who prioritize sun protection and desire a garment with a Very Good UPF rating.

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Monaco Womens S/S Shirt