Unisex Hi Vis Zip Vest

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This product is made from 100% polyester fabric, offering durability and comfort. It features a zip-front fastening, allowing for easy wearing and removal. The ID chest pocket provides a convenient storage solution for personal belongings. Additionally, reflective tape is incorporated into the design, enhancing visibility and safety.

Whether you are a construction worker, a contractor, or simply someone who frequently visits worksites, this product is beneficial for you. By keeping this garment in your car, you can ensure that you always comply with worksite standards regarding safety attire. The high-quality fabric and thoughtful design make it suitable for various professional uses.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% polyester fabric
  • Zip-front fastening for easy wearing and removal
  • ID chest pocket for convenient storage
  • Reflective tape for enhanced visibility and safety

Exclusively catering to our Australian clientele, we're committed to ensuring your uniform needs are met efficiently and swiftly.

Expect your orders to be with you in a standard timeframe of just 2 weeks. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we're dedicated to offering you a seamless service experience.

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Unisex Hi Vis Zip Vest